In my explanation of some of my cakes I've used terms that not everyone may be familiar with, so below I've provided a brief description for your referrence.

WILTON -- Wilton is top brand name for a line of cake and candy making products from pans to decorating tips to candy molds, etc. Wilton is also the company that provided the cake decorating classes that I took.

FONDANT -- Fondant is a thick, creamy white sugar mixture used in different forms for decorating cakes. Fondant can be rolled and draped over a cake, poured as a glaze or sculpted with. As you will see on some of my cakes, Fondant can also be tinted from pastels to deep rich colors.

MARZIPAN -- Marzipan is an almond favored delicacy found in many countries that can be used in baking recipes when making cookies, sweet breads, tortes, or rolled to cover cakes with. A cake covered with marzipan, has a smooth surface from which to apply Fondant, rolled buttercream or icing. Marzipan can also be used like clay for molding miniature items such as fruits, vegetables, animals, etc.

ROYAL ICING -- Description goes here

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